Flash animation

Adobe Flash is a versatile animation program that can be implemented in many ways to add motion to your website. Flash animation can be used to create full Flash websites, although we tend to recommend against these (see our faq page for more information). Flash is best used to add interesting web page animation to html web pages that can not be accomplished by other methods. Examples include video splash pages, video overlays (such as talking spokespeople who appear when you first visit some websites), animated advertisements and smoothly animated transitions in the header or navigation areas.

Although Flash is a great tool, there are certain times when Flash animation should be avoided. Apple has never supported Flash on their mobile products. The lack of Flash support is spilling into other mobile brands as well. Even on computers that support Flash, your web page animation may not show unless the most up-to-date version of Flash is installed. It is important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of Flash before using it on your website. Remember to consider what is best for your online audience.

Flash can also be used to create short animated movies that include music, voiceovers and digital video footage. Kropmark Design was commissioned to create two Flash movie clips for Rio, a David C Cook curriculum product. You can view these videos above.

It is possible to add motion and simple web design animation to a website without using Flash, such as HTML5 animation, Ajax, CSS3 animation and jQuery. However, if you want the best special effects that Flash animation can offer, then let Kropmark Design help you. Call us today to discuss what kind of animation you require and how we can assist you.