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No one does it better for WordPress website design than Kropmark Design.

As of 2012, most studies show that the average time spent on a website is 33 seconds. In other words, your business has about one half of a minute to convey your message to your customers. What are the main things that your customers will look at when making this very quick decision?

The first thing most of your customers pay attention to is your overall web design.

  • Does your website have the professional presentation that a web designer can provide?
  • Is it clean and attractive? Is your color scheme a good match with your industry?
  • Is there loud background music or annoying popups that need to be removed?

The second question your customers will ask is, “Is your website or WordPress blog easy to navigate?”

  • Are there too many options in the navigation, or too few?
  • Is the placement and display of your internal links intuitive or do your customers get lost?

Finally, your customers will examine your website content to determine if your company will be able to help them.

  • Is the content relevant to them?
  • Are your pages well written and free of typos and grammatical errors?
  • Does your content get to the point quickly?
  • Do you break up your text with bulleted lists, images or other methods of providing visual interest?

Most visitors to your business website or WordPress blog will not spend the amount of time investigating it that you might hope for. Instead, most website visitors will browse a website looking for key points that interest them. Many business owners think they can “get by” with a cheap website from Godaddy or another freebie website. However, when you  consider the short timeframe that a customer is willing to give you, a poorly made website is not as good of an option as using a professional web designer. First impressions are critical when marketing to your customers online.

At Kropmark Design, we help you to become a leader in your industry by providing great looking, easy to use, and content-rich websites that convert potential customers into sales. The money spent on a professionally done website will result in increased returns and is quickly recouped. Additionally, the type of CMS websites (such as Drupal content management) provided by Kropmark Design allow greater access to business owners to make changes and improvements without the need of a webmaster. Great value, high quality and experience are available to you when working with the WordPress blog and web design experts of Kropmark Design.

Image by tingberg / istockphoto