The nuts and bolts of web design

The nuts and bolts of web design by Kropmark.

Do you know what you are getting when you purchase a web design? Business owners often pay too much for too little, receive a poorly crafted website from a developer rather than a designer, or are pushed into using a restrictive proprietary website system that is hard to work with. Don’t focus on price at the expense of quality, and make sure to compare several different designers before making a decision. Ask designers to line list what they do and explain why they do it.

At Kropmark Design, we try to make it easy for you to understand what we are going to do when building your website. Although we offer several different web and online marketing services, we have organized our web design services into three main packages. The best package for you will depend on your business goals, which is why we recommend an in-person meeting during which you can ask questions and allows us explain our offerings in greater depth.

Web design packages

For those who need a quick, simple and inexpensive web design we offer a basic website package. The design for this website will be based on a pre-existing template with no customization and we will not perform any search engine optimization. This package is best for businesses on a tight budget and includes the following services:

  • Installation of one content management system website (WordPress, Joomla or Drupal)
  • Setup of website navigation and structure for five total web pages
  • Logo implemented into the header (logo must be supplied by the client)
  • Population of website with text and graphics
  • Assistance with domain name registration and choice of web hosting
  • Setup of one business email account
  • One hour of training in the operation and management of your website

For businesses who want a custom-designed website with on-site search engine optimization included, we offer a standard web design package. Kropmark Design will customize the look of your website to match your company logo and overall brand, we will perform keyword research and competitor research for your business, and we will perform basic search engine optimization for your website. This package includes all of the services in the basic package plus the following services:

  • Design for three preliminary web design concepts
  • One revision to the selected website design concept
  • Competitor research and color theory research
  • Customization of HTML and CSS code
  • Testing in multiple browsers (PC and Mac)
  • Addition of Google Analytics
  • XML sitemap submitted to Google
  • Website registered with major search engines
  • Keyword research for your business genre
  • On-site search engine keyword optimization

For businesses that want to take maximum advantage of the online opportunities available to them, we recommend our enhanced web design package. Kropmark Design will help you set up and design your social media accounts, we will train you in their operation, and we will register you with five different online reputation websites to increase the accessibility of your business to online customers and the visibility of your website to search engines. This package includes all the services from the basic and standard packages, plus the following services:

  • Facebook account activation and design
  • Twitter account activation and design
  • One hour of social media account training
  • Online reputation check of your business
  • Account setup with Google+ Local, Yelp and any three other customer feedback sites

Website requirements not included in any of these packages are priced a la carte, and can include such things as photo galleries (priced by the number of photos), setup of online advertising (banner or sidebar ads), e-commerce applications and shopping cart setup. Kropmark Design also offers many other services such as copywriting of web content, Flash animation and link building-based search engine optimization.

Maintenance agreements are available for the following services:

  • Website updates and backups
  • Online coupon offers and regular online news releases
  • Professional blogging with SEO keywords
  • Regular posts to Facebook or Twitter based on your marketing strategy
  • Management of your Google AdWords or Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Email marketing (e-blast) campaign setup and management
  • Online reputation monitoring
  • Link building through registration with online directories

What makes Kropmark Design different?

Kropmark Design differs from other web design companies in that we use well-supported content management system websites with open source code, rather than proprietary systems. What this means to you is that you will own your website outright, rather than rent it. If at any time you decide you don’t like your web hosting, you can move your website anywhere else that you like. If at any time you don’t want to use Kropmark Design as your webmaster, you can use any number of other designers to help you. Your website will be that universally supported.

Many web designers want to control your website. Their proprietary content management systems force you to go back to them for changes, so that over time you pay more for your website. Kropmark Design leaves the control in your hands and allows you to choose the level of service and on-going support you require.

Our goal is to empower other small businesses to manage their website for themselves, and your new web design by Kropmark will allow this. Never before has website management been so accessible to the average businessperson. Making changes to your website is simple and does not require an intermediary. Because of this, Kropmark Design believes that our websites provide more value and bang for your buck than any other website provider. Try us and see the difference!

If you have any questions about the nuts and bolts of web design, give Kropmark Design a call at (719) 465-4599 or email us at Unlike many of our competitors, our initial consultations are free and we love getting to know more about you and your business.

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