Photography Examples

As an employee of Ray Allen Manufacturing, one of my duties was to photograph new products and to refresh the photos of older products. When I first began as an employee, the company did not even have a camera for me to work with! The company ended up buying a nice Nikon DSLR. In order to create quality images on white backgrounds, I determined to custom build a photo light box out of a large cardboard box, some manufacturing materials available onsite and some lighting from the local hardware store. It worked out great for us, and after doing Photoshop edits on the best images we had a workable solution to nearly all of our photography needs.

Our image work would occasionally include photo shoots with human or canine models. In these cases, nice environments were pre-selected or the backgrounds were cropped out entirely.

At Kropmark, we have a great deal of experience conducting photography related tasks including directing shoots, choosing stock photography, managing image databases, archiving, color correction and other Photoshop editing, and photography on all manner of subjects.

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