Facebook and Twitter

Maximize your social marketing on Facebook and Twitter.

Social media is a great way to market your business and increase your word-of-mouth publicity. Colorado Springs Facebook pages and Twitter entries are becoming standard practice for businesses to stay connected and relevant, but where to begin? Kropmark Design can help you get started by activating your accounts and training you in how to keep them going.

For those looking to take their Colorado Springs Twitter or Facebook pages to the next level, we can design your pages to match your brand. It would be easy for your business to blend into the crowd unless you know how to add color, graphics or even iframe-based web pages designed specifically for your social media Facebook and Twitter accounts. Allow Kropmark Design to teach you how to effectively utilize social media.

Kropmark Design can help in the following ways:

  • Basic social marketing account activation
  • Twitter pages designed to match your brand
  • Facebook pages designed to match your brand
  • Posting to social media accounts on your behalf (in a maintenance agreement only)

Many businesses do not have the time or the know-how to effectively market on Facebook or Twitter. Kropmark Design can help by meeting with you to discuss possible strategies, and then implementing social marketing campaigns on your behalf. Businesses that offer online specials or coupons, or who have a large product inventory that updates regularly, can get great results from social media. I  have seen social media marketing be highly effective for real estate agents, car salesmen, multi-level marketing health professionals and many others. The advantage of using Kropmark Design is that we have editorial experience to match our design ability, so you can trust each Colorado Springs Facebook or Twitter post will be well written and without embarrassing typos or errors.

Kropmark Design does not specialize in Facebook advertising, but we can refer you to excellent resources in the Colorado Springs area who can help you.

Image by Kropmark Design.