Kropmark Design also offers WordPress SEO in Colorado Springs.

Most businesses want to be found online, but even the greatest website may not have a high search engine ranking. Optimizing your website is a wise investment ensuring that you do not end up at the bottom of Google’s search results. No one can guarantee that you will end up on the first page of Google because there are multiple factors involved in determining your web ranking. However, certain techniques can be employed to make your Colorado Springs SEO presence stronger and improve your online influence.

Kropmark Design’s search engine optimization process includes:

  • Keyword research for your business genre
  • HTML and CSS coding techniques to maximize the strength of your SEO WordPress (or other CMS)
  • Addition of Google Analytics
  • Registration of your website with major search engines and Google Places (Google Local)
  • XML sitemap submission to Google (large websites only)
  • Link building through registration with online directories (in a maintenance agreement only)

Kropmark Design believes that SEO and SEM is a slow process best done with white hat techniques, rather than a quick process done with black hat techniques. We specialize in on-site SEO techniques and online marketing strategies, but we can make recommendations for off-site SEO link building if needed. Allow Kropmark Design to help with your Colorado Springs SEM efforts.

Image by fotosipsak / istockphoto