Online Marketing

Influence the world through social media and online marketing.

Your website is just one piece of your online marketing strategy. Do you offer web-only deals? Do you monitor your online reputation for negative reviews? Do you regularly update your website and social media pages?

Kropmark Design can help you with all of these online needs and more. We offer web maintenance agreements where we keep track of what is going on with your website and with your online karma across the entire web. Kropmark Design can also help coordinate your Colorado Springs social media marketing campaigns. If you want a healthy web presence but don’t have the resources or expertise to take care of this yourself, Kropmark Design can be counted on to make sure you are well-informed and confident on the web.

Some of the online and social media marketing services offered by Kropmark Design are:

  • Online reputation monitoring of Yelp and other customer feedback sites
  • Creating mini-sites for your business on Angie’s List and other consumer review websites
  • Regular updates to online coupons and deals, on-site and off-site
  • Press releases posted to your website
  • Regular posts to Facebook, Twitter or other social media marketing
  • Regular maintenance, site updates and backups (if using a database)

Did you know that you can establish a presence on many customer feedback websites that is internet searchable, essentially creating an array of mini-sites of your business across the web? Kropmark Design can help you to set up these mini-sites, or you can do it yourself by downloading our white paper which has the web addresses of many of these websites.

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