What is branding? Kropmark Design can help with Colorado Springs brands.

One key component often overlooked by the businesses that we work with is branding design. Most businesses know to write a business plan, to identify their customer base, and to consider how they will advertise. But if you want to grow, it is important that you ask the question, “What is a brand?” It is more than a color scheme, a pretty font or a catchy jingle. It is how you are perceived by your customer. It is the way that you communicate who you are.

Many business owners make the mistake of equating a logo with a brand, but a logo is only one small component of your brand. The process of branding requires an examination of your business and what you want to say about yourself that will effectively market to your customer. Going through re-branding exercises helps identify your company’s personality and refocus on what is important.

Branding design can often feel like psychoanalysis, but remember that design elements communicate feelings and may have associations for your customer. For example, color theory shows that blue is considered a “clean” color. If you are running a cleaning company and you chose black or gray in your color scheme, you may be inadvertently communicating a “dirty” feeling to your customers. Font selection also can have unintended psychological reactions, as well as use of white space, balance and organization in your promotional efforts. If you are marketing to an international audience, you need to be aware of the cultural differences that may make your marketing ineffective in some countries. Establishing branding guidelines for your business helps avoid breakdowns in communication when speaking to your customer.

If you need advice in this area or you are wondering “What is branding all about,” set up a consultation with Kropmark Design to take your brand out of no-man’s land.

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