Logo Design

Design a logo with Kropmark Design for the best logo ideas.

Is it time to design a logo for your company? Creating a new logo, or redesigning an existing logo, is a process. A logo should not only look appealing, but should answer the question “How do I want to brand my company?” Colors and fonts can convey a great deal about your business. For example, sans serif fonts are more modern but are more stark. Serif fonts may seem old-fashioned, but convey stability. In the same way, many visual aspects of your logo will communicate a message to your customer that you need to consider.

Do you want your logo to say “I spent five minutes on this” or perhaps “I am just like every other business in my industry?” If not, then you will want to have a professional graphic artist design a logo that is attractive, unique and that represents your business well.

Creation of great logo design ideas typically follows this process:

  • Competitor research
  • Font and color research
  • Three distinct logo ideas (more if requested)
  • One revision to the chosen logo design
  • All logos are created as scaleable, vector graphics (works well at large and small sizes)
  • Logo will be viable in color or black and white

Potential customers will see your logo on your business card, your website, your advertising and anywhere your business is seen. It is worth the time and effort to have a professional design a logo for your business, ensuring that the message you convey to your customers is the right one.

Image by Kropmark Design.