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Kropmark Design can help create the best Colorado Springs WordPress blog.

Including an integrated WordPress blog as part of your website is becoming more prominent and more important for businesses. Blogs are versatile enough to allow you to feature web content such as press releases, coupon offers, and even photo galleries of your completed work. For example, before and after pictures are great advertising for businesses in construction, water restoration and landscaping. Blogging in its more traditional format allows you to add web content to your site that is useful for many reasons:

  • Blogging creates another level of interaction with and value to your customers
  • Blogging gives you credibility and can establish you as an online expert
  • Adding content to your website regularly through your WordPress blog raises your SEO value

The disadvantage of operating a blog is that it needs to be contributed to regularly in order to be useful. Many business owners don’t feel like they have the time, or writing ability, to communicate effectively through a WordPress blog. Some don’t feel like they have enough ideas to communicate fresh content on a weekly basis. This is the value in using an all-in-one design company like Kropmark Design, as we are experts at designing your WordPress blog, working with your photos, coupons and pdfs, and writing web copy for your blog.

Working with Kropmark Design means meeting with us to discuss strategy and concepts you want to promote, and then allowing us to do all the rest of the work. There are professional bloggers who do an excellent job at writing web copy and who specialize in blog creation, but they often lack expertise in keywording for SEO and working with graphics. Trust Kropmark Design to make your WordPress blog a seamless extension of your website and online marketing strategy..

Image by hanibaram / istockphoto