Our copywriting team writes web content with SEO in mind.

Kropmark Design offers proofreading, editing and copywriting as stand alone contracts or in conjunction with your WordPress design contract. Our editorial staff has worked in publishing for over a decade and has proofread and edited written works in a variety of formats including books, magazines, business correspondence, web content, brochures, newsletters and more. We use the Chicago Manual of Style as our guide for editing rules and style.

Proofreading is a basic editorial service that focuses on correcting typos, spelling, punctuation, usage, and basic formatting. Spell check options are helpful in today’s software applications, but spell check does not catch all mistakes such as the incorrect use of two, too, and to. Proofreading could be considered fine tuning for a well-written work, and is best used in shorter projects where you need a second set of eyes to check a document before it is printed or goes online.

Copy editing combines content and line editing into the editorial process. At this level the editor makes suggestions for overall structure, organization, style, and content of a document. We also analyze and correct paragraph and sentence structure, word choice, dialogue and general flow. Editing is a more in-depth process than proofreading, and is best used for longer documents such as books, pdfs or online white papers that you plan on publishing.

Kropmark Design can also assist you with writing marketing copy. We can write this text for you or we can make recommendations to your existing copywriting concerning grammar, organization, and keywording (for SEO purposes) in your print marketing, website copy or WordPress designed blog entries. Many excellent businesspeople recognize that writing advertising copy is not one of their strengths and they need the copywriting help that Kropmark Design can provide them. We can also write regular blog entries on your behalf and in accord with your online marketing strategy.

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