Who we are

Colorado Springs WordPress sites by Kropmark Design.

Kropmark Design LLC, in business since 2009, started as a husband and wife owned partnership that offers WordPress web design, graphic design and editorial services to small and medium sized businesses in the Colorado Springs area.

Kelly Robinson is the designer of the team and has over ten years of experience in the design industry. He has worked for companies such as Current Inc, David C Cook, MovieGuide magazine, and many more. Kelly enjoys both the freelance and corporate worlds, and likes the variety, growth, and challenge of being a creative individual. His skills include graphic design, web design, web animation, art direction (design, photo and illustration), and he is increasingly moving into php custom coding.

Jolene Robinson is the editor of the team and has more than ten years of experience in editorial and administrative fields. She has worked for companies such as the Justinen Creative Group, David C Cook and Magazine Training International. Jolene particularly likes working with the international community and excels at proofing and writing editorial copy.

Kropmark Design has strong ties with a large network of experts in the Colorado Springs area who specialize in printing, photography, illustration, traditional and niche marketing, custom-coding, programming and other areas related to website design. If there is a service that we do not offer, it is a good bet that there is someone in our network we have done extensive business with who can help you. Although we may not offer some services, please ask us if we might refer you to another proven individual or business who has the skills you require.

In addition, Kropmark Design loves to network within Colorado Springs. Because of this, we consider ourselves a resource for connecting businesses with other individuals who provide worthwhile services unrelated to design. If you need a reference for a reliable painter, mechanic, lawyer, accountant or professional in virtually any field, we probably know someone who will do a great job for you.

Image by Kropmark Design.