What is kropmark?

Premier design for Colorado Springs businesses at Kropmark Design.

Kropmark Design specializes in WordPress website design and comprehensive online marketing solutions, but the term “kropmark” is an homage to the print design roots of our company.

Examples of crop marks and registration marks.Crop marks are lines placed at the corners of a page to indicate where to trim the document. These marks eliminate excess, ensure correct size, and create a clean presentation.

Additionally, registration marks (such as the one used in our logo) are used to verify that prints are aligned properly. These marks ensure images are focused, clear and precise.

Kropmark is a play on these two concepts merged with the initials of the founder, Kelly Robinson.

Who, then, is kropmark? We are professional, polished, clean, precise, and focused.

Mission Statement

Kropmark Design is a visual communications provider specializing in innovative written, printed, and web-based design solutions. Our goal is comprehensive service provided at affordable prices for large or small businesses, accompanied with flair, a friendly attitude, and a sense of fun. As a service organization, our record of reliability, professionalism, courtesy, flexibility, and quality will result in sustained growth through the word of mouth of our satisfied clients. Kropmark’s ideals include contributing to meaningful causes, making positive impressions in the lives of others, and creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and benefit between us and our clients. Integrity, creativity, and precision are the core values of Kropmark Design.

Image by Kropmark Design / istockphoto.