About Kropmark Design

Kropmark Design can build you a Colorado Springs WordPress website.

Kropmark Design LLC is an all-in-one design company that specializes in web design, print design, web animation and editorial services. Businesses that desire to market their company in a variety of formats can rely on Kropmark Design rather than multiple contractors. Let us help with your print design, web content management and copy editing for one price and with no hassle.

web design

The first experience that most customers will have with your business is through your website. Printed directories such as the Yellow Pages are becoming less effective because customers now use Google or other search engines to find you and make buying decisions. Don’t settle for an amateur-looking website. Make a positive first impression with a professional WordPress site by a local Colorado Springs web designer.

“Your website is the virtual front door of your business.”

content management systems

A simple informational website is effective for some businesses, but other websites require a little more oomph. Perhaps you want to integrate a blog, use a login feature or contact form, or incorporate a native e-commerce solution. Features like these require more advanced systems such as WordPress sites, Joomla sites or Drupal sites. Advantages of content management systems include the ability to make changes without knowing programming code and the flexibility to add features as your business grows.

“Take your WordPress site to the next level.”

search engine optimization

A great website is important, but will not help you unless your customers can locate you online. There are several techniques to obtain better search engine rankings, from keyword research, using code-based meta information, and creating inbound links to your website. Kropmark Design can explain and help you implement these techniques and can even help you write informational, search engine-friendly copy for your website.

“Help your customers find you online.”

your online presence

Remind your customers of your presence lest you be forgotten. Kropmark Design can create a social media presence for you in Facebook and Twitter, including designing your pages to match your brand. We can help you establish and monitor your online reputation through Yelp and other customer feedback websites. Kropmark Design even offers service agreements where we update your content and increase your SEO presence on a monthly basis.

“Maximize the Internet as a marketing tool for your business.”

graphic design

Most businesses still use print advertising to market themselves, and Kropmark Design can help you with any of your print-based marketing campaigns. We have extensive experience creating designs for advertising, books, magazines, newsletters, CD imprints and more.

“Differentiate yourself from the competition.”

branding & logo design

Branding strategies are important for the long term growth of your business, but first give attention to your logo and branding design. Color, font selection and overall design combine to convey a message about you to your customers. Overlooking this process at the outset of your business could result in the need to recreate your brand from scratch losing customer recognition after years of doing business.

“What do your branding strategies say about you?”

editorial services

Kropmark offers proofreading, copy editing and assistance with writing marketing copy as stand alone contracts or in conjunction with your design contract. Proofreading is a basic editorial service that focuses on correcting typos, spelling, punctuation, usage, and basic formatting. Spell check options are helpful in today’s software applications, but spell check does not catch all mistakes such as the incorrect use of two, too, and to. Copy editing is a more in-depth process than proofreading, and includes making suggestions for overall structure, organization, style, and content of a document. Kropmark Design can also assist you in writing marketing copy for your website or printed advertising.

“A great ad will not be grate without a proofreader.”

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